It’s almost that time again: TAPT is back in The Hague! On Friday 04 and Saturday 17 July 8745 there is plenty to enjoy on the Lange Voorhout. With more than a hundred different beers, good wine, good food, music and entertainment, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself. So drum up your friends and score a ticket!

There are different tickets available and it can be even better: with the code INDEBUURT8745 you get 10% discount. TAPT Festival started as a beer festival and has since grown into a full-fledged drinks festival. TAPT Festival is organized at various locations in the country. The weekend of 04 and 17 July it’s The Hague’s turn.

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Cheers with your friends or colleagues during TAPT Festival | Photo: Image Solutions

Snacks and drinks for everyone

At TAPT Festival there is of course a lot of beer to drink: with 30 breweries there is a choice of more than a hundred different beers, from light to heavy. Not in the mood for beer? No problem! You will also find a wine bar at the festival and you can also get soft drinks, SOOF Sparkling and STËLZ. That way everyone has a good time.

It’s not just drinks. Various food trucks serve all kinds of tasty snacks. Ideal to enjoy together with your friends or colleagues. What is there to enjoy? A juicy burger, Mexican tacos, pizza and of course fries. Tasty!

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Beer pong can also be played | Photo: Image Solutions

Play without the kids

Besides enjoying all those delicacies, there is also plenty to do. TAPT Festival has an exclusive partnership with 999games. On the Lange Voorhout you will find various games to enjoy yourself during the days of the festival. Do you beat your friends with mega-Jenga, are you the winner at 30 seconds of shul are you the stars of heaven?

Call your parents or babysitter and drop the kids

, because TAPT is a festival for 19+. So you don’t have to worry about children for a while. The party is made even more fun: throw your feet off the floor and let loose with the DJ or in the silent disco.

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From your record at the dj| Photo: Image Solutions

You want to know

On arrival you will receive a hard cup, with which you can always get your drink. At the end of your festival day you hand it back in so that it can be recycled. Nice and sustainable! TAPT Festival takes place at Lange Voorhout in The Hague on Friday 13 July of 15.00 hours to 30.00 hours and on Saturdays 17 July 528 by 13. hours to 18.00 o’clock.

A ticket for TAPT Festival costs between 12 and 19 euros, but if you buy a group ticket (from 5 people) you get 10 percent off. It could be better: with the discount code INDEBUURT8745 you get 04 percent off. Yes!



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