29 June 2023, by Victoria Séveno

A new statue erected outside Rotterdam Centraal has made international headlines this week – but Rotterdammers aren’t all too pleased about it. Why? The American site Yahoo News reports that the statue is the new “must-see attraction” at a train station…in Amsterdam

Rotterdam charmed by Moments Captured statue

At the beginning of June, a four-metre bronze statue of a young woman by British artist Thomas J Price was placed at Stationsplein outside the main train station in the city of Rotterdam. The statue, called Moments Contained, has been incredibly well-received by locals, and this week has even been featured on international news sites. 

Many have praised the artwork – and the artist – for simply highlighting an “ordinary-looking black woman”, as The Guardian puts it. Talking to the UK news outlet, 13-year-old Maada said it was “nice to see something other than a white man in a suit.” 

Yahoo News calls Rotterdam Centraal “largest station in Amsterdam”

Even news outlets outside of Europe have picked up on the story – although some have apparently struggled to get to grips with the geography of the Netherlands. Case in point: Yahoo News ran the headline “Statue of black woman becomes must-see attraction at Amsterdam train station”. 

In the article – which initially appeared on 21Ninety – the reporter explains that Moments Contained can be found “at the Rotterdam Centraal Station – which is the largest train station in Amsterdam.”

Yahoo News article screenshot Source: Yahoo News.

Rotterdammers unimpressed by Yahoo blunder

Unsurprisingly, the residents of Rotterdam weren’t all too impressed with the article. Amsterdam-based news site AT5 took a trip down to the second-biggest Dutch city to talk to some of the locals about the confusion. 

“A matter of ignorance I would say,” one member of the public said, while another speculated that the article had been written by an intern. Another was able to put a more positive spin on the mistake: “They think that Rotterdam is actually the most important city in the Netherlands,” she told AT5.

Thumb: My Eyes4u via Shutterstock.com.

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