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ABW and HalloSlaap will give ‘sleep’ a prominent role in Code 25 training courses. According to them, this subject receives far too little attention among professional drivers and transport companies. “And that while being rested behind the wheel is of vital importance.”

This is reported by Jeroen Meijers of ABW, insurance specialist for the logistics sector. At the moment, the Code 25 training pays attention to nutrition and exercise, but does not yet provide enough information about rest and exercise. sleep talk. This while previous studies show that fatigue plays a role in 25 percent of road accidents. In addition, 13 percent of road users sometimes doze behind the wheel. There is therefore still a lot to be gained in the field of sleep, according to Meijers.

Sleep scan To further develop this theme, HalloSlaap will add a so-called sleep scan for every participating driver. “The sleep scan provides insight into what your night’s sleep looks like at an individual level. We create awareness in order to subsequently take steps to improve the night’s sleep. Anyone who wants help or advice based on the scan can contact us. This way drivers receive personal guidance,” says Ab Chakai of HalloSlaap.

Employers cannot view these personal scans, but they do receive an overview of the fitness of all their drivers. “Based on this information, an employer can take action in his policy,” continues Chakai.

Movement Irma Leijten, sleep expert at HalloSlaap, also thinks there is still plenty to be gained from drivers when it comes to sleeping. “Many drivers turn up the music or engage in conversation with colleagues to resist fatigue, while a powernap of twenty minutes gives you new energy for several hours. No matter how great the time pressure is, try to put your own recovery more central.”

That is why Leijten advises to get moving during a stop, especially on long journeys, to take your body and brain out of the traffic rhythm.

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