Julian started as an intern at group childcare and was immediately hooked. Seven years later, he is still with the organization. “I feel very much at home here. I now work as a pedagogical employee at the group-up childcare location De Tovertuin in Vleuterweide.”

At the group-up childcare location, Julian works with children with supportive care needs. “We look at what is best for the children and group-up also thinks about our development.” This applies to both individual growth and team building. With his work in childcare, he contributes to the development of the children and at the same time learns from them.

From sports academy to childcare

It was not self-evident that Julian would work in childcare . “I did the sports academy and ended up at group-up with my internship. Immediately I felt affection for working with children and decided to quit the sports academy.”

After working for a while for four days, he started studying pedagogical assistant and then followed the training to become specialized pedagogical staff member. “At group-up I had the opportunity to continue working here: after my internship and when I continued my studies. They really think along with you in development.”

Learning (from) children

When working in childcare, the children of the group, of course, first. In the interest of the children, Julian works together with the parents, the school and external partners. “We look at what is best for each child.” Julian gets satisfaction from contributing to the development of the children. “It is very rewarding work. You often get thanks from parents or kind words from children.”

The children do not only learn from Julian. He himself also learns something from them. “Children are so direct in their communication. Adults often ignore it or want to make something more beautiful. They taught me that sometimes you have to keep it simple to get the message across.”

Julian feels at home in group-up and that also applies to the children in his group. He notices this when children come back after they have finished secondary school. “Not long ago there was a girl who came here to do her sniffing internship, because she enjoyed being here as a child.”

Men in childcare

There are still few men working in the sector. Julian notices that too. “Children don’t often see men in the group. You notice that it does something with the structure. They find it interesting, hang around me and often draw comparisons with their fathers.”

As far as Julian is concerned, that male-female balance is important for the children. “This profession is more than the caring that is often seen as feminine. That has now become obsolete: fathers also take parental leave.” The children need both examples. Boys and men can also show their qualities in this sector. It’s a gap in the market!”

Growing with group-up

Seven years after he started his internship , Julian is still happy with his employer. “I work with great people who you can always turn to with doubts or questions. The team is very diverse and everyone can do justice to his or her qualities.” Moreover, it is very pleasant with the team and the company. “There is also attention for the social aspect of the team. And last year we had a big company party with several artists.”

Do you want to get the best out of yourself just like Julian? Then check the website of gro-up for more information. Julian gives his advice: “Just do it! gro-up is a dynamic organization with various specialisms: maternity care, childcare, community work and youth assistance. So you can continue to grow in your work.”


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