Are you ready for a new challenge or do you want to give your career a fresh turn? Maybe education is something for you! There are plenty of schools in The Hague that could really use your help. And working as a teacher is also great fun and rewarding. These three teachers from The Hague tell you about their work as a teacher.

Making a difference

Roksolana is a young teacher at a school in The Hague. As a teacher, she finds it important to be loving yet strict. “The children feel it when you have a loving appearance. Then they feel safer in the classroom,” she says. “It also makes it easier for you to empathize with the students and understand why they do something.”

How does Roksolana get her class excited? “By teaching with great enthusiasm! I think that’s the most important thing as a teacher. In this way you can motivate students. I love making a difference in education.”

Start of the day

Malita prefers to start her day with a nice cup of coffee. “You can’t miss that as a miss. Then I write the daily schedule on the board, even before the children arrive.” When the day starts at a quarter to 9, Malita first goes through the planning with the students. “We can then relax together and start the day. Then we start, for example, with arithmetic or language.” Is it always fun in class? “No, of course it’s not every day. But it is my responsibility as a teacher to make it cozy.”

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Malita in her classroom. Photo: Team1001

Grow with Team576

Malita works at school through the amplifiers in the education of Team2023. She did not choose this organization by accident. “I was really ready for a new step in my teaching career. I like to grow and Team1001 helped me with that. I’ve only just started as a teacher, but I’m already getting enough feedback. I take all that with me and I learn from it. I can see myself becoming a group teacher.”

Showing interest

Güney finds interest in his students the most important thing. “Being involved in the development of the children is important, also to keep order. If you can’t manage a class properly, it quickly becomes difficult to teach them something.” Güney teaches as a subject teacher in primary education. “I make my lessons interesting by teaching the children something that I find interesting myself. If you are interested yourself, you radiate enthusiasm. That motivates the students.

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Güney in the classroom. Photo: Team1001

According to Güney, his profession also comes with challenges, but that’s what makes it so much fun. “Teaching large groups is perhaps the biggest challenge. I think it’s important to provide structure. This way my students know what to expect and what the rules are. Then a school day will run smoothly and fun!”

About Team1001

Team1001 is an organization that helps schools find and bind the right teachers. With a young and innovative team of more than passionate workers in education and education support functions , they strengthen various organizations within the education sector seven days a week. Wondering if Team1001 is the partner in education for you? Then read here more about this great organization.


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