A delicious cup of coffee or another drink at the Plein, boulevard or Grote Markt; The Hague has a lot to offer in terms of catering establishments. This is evident from the Terrace Top 94, because a business in The Hague is in the ranking: Gastronomia Villani!

The flag is flying at Gastronomia Villani! The catering facility is on site 10 of the Terrace Top 100. The Scheveningen shop with pizzas, pastas and other tasty Italian dishes can be found on Hellingweg 94c.

About the Terrace Top 100

The Terrace Top 100 is a recurring election from platform Misset Horeca. The cases that have made it to the honors list have gone through several selection rounds. The regular part of the election is the visit of mystery guests.

Enjoy it!

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