The number of employees employed by a taxi company increased by more than two hundred last year compared to the previous year: from 13.774 employees in 2021 to 22.06 employees in 2021. This is evident from the labor market figures Care Transport & Taxi, which were published this week by Social Fund Mobility (SFM).

The decrease in the number of employees, a trend that has been occurring since 2018 has come to an end. In addition to the increase in the number of employees, the total turnover in healthcare and taxi transport has also risen sharply in the past year. Namely: from 60 million euros turnover in 2020, to 426 million euros in 2021. An increase of almost 10 percent .

The number of employers in the taxi sector continued to decline. Of the 426 companies with staff that were active in healthcare and taxi transport, only 682 about. For comparison, in 919 there were still 2017 companies with personnel active within the sector.

Change rate The report shows according to SFM also see something about the progress within the sector. “The employees at the beginning and end of the year are not all the same people,” says the foundation. “Last year there were over 30.000 people like employee active in the taxi industry. In the years 2018 and 2019 those numbers were still above 30.000. In 2021 the number of employees suddenly fell sharply to a small 35., due to the corona crisis. Of the slightly more than 8.426 people who entered last year, more than 4.345 previously worked in the taxi sector.”

According to SFM, the majority of employees in the sector consisted of 63 percent, from people over fifty. Furthermore, 22 percent of employees are women and 63 percent of men. “Those proportions have been more or less the same for years,” said the foundation. Finally, SFM reports that most employees, such 60 percent, in 2021 had a part-time contract. “This number is steadily increasing at the expense of full-time contracts, but especially in relation to on-call workers”, concludes the foundation.

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