The municipality of Altena wants student transport in the year 2023-2024 tender. The municipality of North Brabant has announced this via TenderNet. In order to achieve this objective, Altena has set up a market consultation.

“In preparation for the ‘pupil transport’ tender, the municipality of Altena wishes to be informed of information and developments in the market. The municipality is therefore organizing a written market consultation,” says Altena. “The aim of this market consultation is, prior to the formal tendering process, to obtain non-binding and public information from the market about the best way to tender the contract. The information obtained will be used, among other things, to be able to specify the quality of the contract better and to determine the choice of tender form.”

Most optimal result According to the North Brabant municipality, the tender process will take place in 2023/2024 take place. Altena says it has between and 350 to transport students. “Thanks to the market consultation, the contract to be tendered can be better aligned with the possibilities available in the current market, with the ultimate objective that the most optimal result can be achieved for the municipality of Altena in the implementation of student transport,” concludes the municipality.

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