With over 10.000 Hague followers on their Instagram account Bob & Denise know all the restaurants, shops and hotspots of The Hague! Together they discover The Hague and they like to share their favorite hotspots for two.

About Bob and Denise

Bob: “I was born and raised in The Hague. Except for a few years in Utrecht (where I met Denise) I have always lived in The Hague. I also can’t imagine living somewhere where the freedom of the beach and the sea are not nearby!”

Denise: “And I come from Goor, and from the age of eighteen I have traveled almost all over the world. Bob got me there 10 convinced years ago to come and live in beautiful The Hague; the holiday feeling of the beach helped of course, we can often be found there..”

“Together we discovered more and more beautiful and fun places in The Hague, and that’s how we are started our Instagram account @tijd.voor.denhaag; just as a hobby. We now have more than 10. Hague followers, and every other week on Wednesday we give the listeners of The Hague FM the best restaurant tips in the show ‘Haags bakkie! Are you going to do it then?’.

We often go out for dinner and like to walk through the dunes and the city, to discover old and new places in The Hague.”

favorieten van Bob & Denisefavorieten van Bob & Denisefavorieten van Bob & Denise

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Favorite beach bars

“Throughout the years we have had different favourites, this changes over the years and depends on staff, atmosphere and the card. This season, just like last season, our favorite beach bar is Habana Beach ; the atmosphere is good and the food is tasty. We are also particularly fond of the Nachos here, which we previously called ‘The best Nachos on the beach of The Hague’ on The Hague FM.

Beach pavilion De Staat is also one of our top favorites, a very nice beach bar on the quiet beach where you can still sit with your feet in the sand. Especially on really hot days when it is a bit ‘too busy’ around Kijkduin and Scheveningen, this is the place to be, with a casual and relaxed holiday atmosphere.”

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Best restaurants in The Hague

“The Hague has many fine restaurants in both the center and in the direction of Scheveningen and Kijkduin and in the summer of course directly on the beach.

At Scheveningen, in the second harbour, we like to come to SuzyQ, they have very tasty shared dining dishes such as sushi, burrata, grilled octopus, shrimps, risotto (favorite!) and bao buns.

A few doors down is Restaurant Waterproef. This is a more luxurious restaurant, where they have high quality dishes, such as Zeebass, Monkfish, and BBQ Pork Belly. The wine list here is very good! It depends on the ambiance you are looking for, both restaurants are highly recommended!

At Kijkduin we like to come to The Wine House, the dishes are tasty and they have a very nice selection of wines here. They now also have a large ‘pop-up terrace’ right next to the Atlantic hotel, very nice to sit with this beautiful weather.

In the Center we like to visit Dekxels, where Mediterranean and Asian flavors provide very tasteful dishes in a shared dining concept.”

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Date night

“During a date night we like to go out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. If we really want to have a party, we like to go together to Yuzu Dining on the Bierkade, with surprising dishes and a challenging cocktail menu you can enjoy a nice meal on one of the benches.

Also Wicked Wines at the Anna Paulownaplein we find a top place for a fun night out; first a nice bite to eat and enjoy the wine, and then a drink at the bar.

A new addition to the Bloemenbuurt is Beau Dining & Drinks; a very nice bistro where you can eat something and there are tasty cocktails on the menu. This really is a neighborhood restaurant, which is literally ‘nearby’ for us. You can linger after dinner with a drink, or just have a drink at the bar.”

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“We mentioned it before, we love the dunes and the beach. In summer and winter we come here to ‘get a breath of fresh air’ (sometimes literally). Walking across the pier, often with a view of the surfers, is also a nice trip.

But we don’t just visit the beach, we also like to walk at Landgoed Ockenburgh or Clingendael. Nice places to relax completely outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

What we both like very much is to rent a boat and spend a day sailing through the canals. You can do this, for example, at Greens in the Park. You really experience the city differently and nothing is as relaxing as the rippling water.”

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Best shops in The Hague

“We love food and drinks, so it is almost inevitable that one of our favorite shops will have a wine specialty store. Porte Reffe in the Vlierboomstraat has a very nice selection of wines (large 300 different wines) in different price ranges. Owner and viticulturist Marthijn Loof knows something about every wine and has a matching wine for every dish!

Another favorite shop is The Hague’s Finest in the Venestraat, in this shop you will find only Haagsche products; very nice concept that you should definitely visit as a Hageneese or tourist.”

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Lunch spots

“We love lunch, especially if we can also sit on a terrace somewhere in the summer.

We like to have lunch at Oats in the cozy Reinkenstraat. At Haver you can have breakfast (think croissants, yogurt with fresh fruit and French toast) and lunch (oriental salad, toast smashed avocado, tom kha with coconut milk or a tasty sandwich). It is a cozy atmosphere with, in addition to classic, surprising dishes on the menu.

Also at Apples & Pears We can be found regularly in the Vruchtenbuurt, there various tasty sandwiches and salads are on the menu, with of course one of the cakes to finish: the carrot cake is our favourite!.

We also like to have lunch at Anna Paulownaplein, with restaurants such as Room, Mr.Smith and Bayonne Restobar is always a nice spot to find there. One of our favorite squares in The Hague!”

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