Unfortunately, there are still far too many animals in the Hague Animal Center without a boss. While Moppie is looking for the shade again, we will put her in the spotlight this week.

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Moppie is 8 years old, cheerful, very sweet and cute, but as soon as there is food nearby she thinks ‘hey, that’s for me’ and is quite firm about it. In a family with children and other four-legged friends, that is of course not so cozy. That is why she is now temporarily staying in the shelter.

Quiet home

The Haags Dierencentrum is looking for a home for her with a sweet dog person (or two) without other animals and/or children. A quiet home where she doesn’t have to worry about eating the rest and can only worry about her own filled food bowl. Where the owner pays close attention to his buttered sandwiches and there is a lot of time for walking and cuddling, because Moppie happens to love that too.

Getting to know you

Really a nice dog with a ‘small’ instruction manual. If you like Moppie very much, you have the right environment for her and you can deal with Moppies envy in a positive way, please contact

for an introduction.

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