Summer has officially arrived and that means that the barbecue season is now really open. Culinary advisor Jort van gives three tips for a successful barbecue, which you may not have thought of yet.

Jort Heijmans is a specialist of On this website he tells you everything you want to know about meat. Think of the tastiest recipes, tips & tricks about preparing and storing meat. But you will also find a lot of background information and news. For example, you can read useful tips and recipes for when you go barbecuing. Here are 3 tips from Jort that will make your barbecue party even tastier.

Meat, roasted on the barbecue, has its own taste that many people love. Combined with tasty vegetables, it is a perfect basis for a healthy and balanced meal. Vegetables provide many vitamins and minerals. Meat also contains many useful nutrients, such as easily digestible protein and amino acids. There is also natural iron and a lot of vitamin B 12 in meat.

1. Pokébowl with barbecued meat

An example of such a balanced meal is the pokébowl. This traditional Hawaiian dish traditionally consists of rice, vegetables and marinated raw fish, but you can also vary with meat. Jort says: “You might not be so quick to make the link between a pokébowl and barbecue, but that’s a nice twist! Have all the ingredients ready on the table and roast the meat on the barbecue. This is how you build your own pokébowl ‘live’.” On you will find a tasty recipe for a summer pokébowl.

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2. Do not use firelighters

According to Jort, firelighters are a no-go in the barbecue. “Lighting cubes give your meat a chemical taste. They are better suited for the fireplace. It is better to use wood wool. This allows you to light your coals super fast and you don’t get any crazy smell or taste to your meat.” Light your barbecue at least thirty minutes in advance, so that the coals smolder well as soon as you put the first meat on the grid.

3. Control the temperature

Most barbecues have air holes that you can make larger or smaller. They are very useful for regulating the temperature. Jort: “The rule is: the bigger the air hole, the hotter your barbecue will be. The air supply gives the coals more oxygen and they burn faster. If you want to slow cook, such as spare ribs or pulled pork, you can close the gap a bit more. This lowers the temperature and allows your meat to cook slowly.”

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