Pine tree The Hague is bursting with photogenic walking spots. We asked on Facebook and Instagram to our followers where they prefer to walk in The Hague. Curious about the answers? You read it below.

Meijendel dune area

Indebuurt follower Lisette finds dune area Meijendel is a nice place to walk and we understand why. You can walk for hours and there are a lot of animal species. Konik horses, roe deer and Galloway cattle roam around.


The Westduinpark is located between Scheveningen and The Hague. It is one of the largest nature reserves in The Hague and it is beautiful. Indebuurt follower Janneke agrees. The landscape is varied, with woods, dunes and open plains. There are Scottish Highlanders walking around and there are many hiking trails. As you walk you can hear the sound of the waves in the background. Isn’t that wonderful!

The Horsten

On the edge of Wassenaar is the Royal estate Horsten. Indebuurt follower David likes to come here for a walk. It is quiet and beautifully green. There are several walking routes that are signposted through the area. Along the way you will come across Tea Pavilion De Horsten. Here you can relax with a nice cup of tea or a cold glass of beer.


Neighborhood follower Firoos indicates that she likes to walk in Clingendeal and don’t blame her. The English landscape style with beautiful buildings, gardens with impressive groups of trees and reflective water features: it can all be found in the area. It’s not just a forest, but one where you can be busy all day long.