It has been dry and sunny in The Hague for weeks now. Maybe that’s why you know exactly where the sunniest terraces in our city can be found. Yet it sometimes happens that the sun shines, but as soon as you sit down the terrace is in the shade… That is now a thing of the past!

Would you like to know where you are in The Hague at any time of the day? the sun can sit on a terrace? Then check the website

Sunny places in The Hague

Maybe it’s nothing new for a seasoned resident, but on the terrace from Luden


Café Bartine

you can sit in the sun. But do you also know when you can catch the most sun during the day? No? Well, you can check that on the website!

What is also handy is that you can see when the sun is not on the terrace. This site is also useful for residents who like to seek the shade.

is a hobby project of Paul and July. They had had enough of not finding a sunny terrace on a nice sunny day. They started their project in Amsterdam, but now you can check the sunniest spots for quite a few Dutch cities.

Add sunny spots yourself

If you are still missing sunny spots in The Hague on the site, you can suggest spots yourself. Via this page

you can make the map of The Hague even more complete through your input. Then you can not only call yourself the sunshine in your home, but also in The Hague!

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