The nicest flower spectacle of the region is just around the corner. This year the boats will sail through The Hague on Saturday 16. Because you don’t want to arrive until the boats have already passed, we have already listed the route and times for you.

The Varend Corso is organized annually by the Westland to show that growers from the region work every day on people’s happiness and health. For three and a half days, the boats decorated with flowers, plants and vegetables travel through the waters of The Hague, Delft, Westland and the surrounding area.

The route in The Hague

The flower parade sails from 16 through 25 June. Every day the decorated boats sail a different route. On Saturday it is the turn of The Hague. The boats then sail to our city via Honselersdijk and Naaldwijk.

Om 06.00 o’clock they arrive at the Poelmolenweg in ‘s-Gravenzande. Then they sail on and come around 16.25 hours at the Uithof. The Varend Corso sails on to Kwintsheul later that afternoon.

Photo: Sailing Corso202320151859

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