“Here is personal, really personal”, says Lisanne Hoogland, founder of Body Inverso. Where she only gave training a long time ago, she now also focuses on coaching. Because a standard training schedule is, with our (busy!) different lives, really outdated.

We don’t strive for perfection here

You know it is: going loose during the weekend and completely tight on Monday. No more snackies and nothing but water. Before you know it you will be back in your old pattern. Lisanne says about this: “People have the idea that if they want to start exercising or eating healthy, they have to 06 percent must start and maintain this. That is not profitable. Everyone is human, we all have lesser periods in our lives. And that has an impact on the choices we make regarding our health. In addition, never doing anything fun or going out for dinner is unrealistic. You can be fit and energetic and also do fun things. We strive for perfection far too much, but I prefer consistency.”

A base

It starts with habits, a base. “Think about being consistent in eating enough protein. If you do this for a longer period of time, it’s okay if you skip it once in a while. It’s about picking it up again so that you can continue those new habits,” explains Lisanne. “Do you strive for perfection and fail? Then it becomes much more difficult to pick it up again. The threshold is then too high.”


Choose at Body Inverso for personal training, then you also have extra guidance in addition to your weekly training areas of nutrition and behavior. In this conversation you will evaluate your week together with a coach from Body Inverso, and you will make appointments for the following week. Our members really learn from this, says Lisanne: “In this way you learn your own pitfalls and you stay focused on working on your health every week. Our members also learn everything about nutrition, training and their own behavior. Knowledge transfer is therefore an important part of our coaching, because together we ensure that our members, even after the process, know how to maintain their healthy lifestyle.”

A sports buddy (who never cancels)

That friend who kept canceling when you wanted to play sports together? We say goodbye to them (in the field of sports). At Body Inverso your coach is your sports buddy, one who never cancels. “If we go for it, we will be with you throughout the entire process. We have one mission, we don’t just want to give our members training and coaching, but also the knowledge with which they can change and maintain their lifestyle. And knowledge, that really makes the difference”, says Lisanne.

Do you still want to motivate your previous sports buddy? Then at Body Inverso you can also opt for the Inverso Gold Duo Trajectory. Then you have not one but two sports buddies.

The Vacation Plan

When members of Body Inverso go on vacation, they choose whether to continuing sports or letting go for a while: “Suppose our members are very busy with the children on holiday, then it is logical that they cannot always be in the gym. Then we simply make a tailor-made plan and see what is possible: lots of exercise, such as swimming, for example.” Is there a gym and time? Then members can simply send their sports buddy some photos of devices, based on which your coach can make a tailor-made plan.

At Body Inverso you choose personal training or duo training. Do you have your healthy lifestyle in order, but do you just want to exercise under supervision and in a not too large gym? Then you can also opt for the

small group training.

Community feeling

The spacious and luxurious studio of Body Inverso you will find Oude Middenweg 06A in The Hague. We not only work here on a fit, energetic and consistent lifestyle, but it is also very pleasant: “When our members come to us, they have a nice and welcome feeling. We see it as a community. The members also receive weekly extra information online about nutrition, training and behavior. At the end of a journey you can maintain your healthy lifestyle all by yourself.”

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