The Amsterdam faction of the VVD has requested an urgent debate because of the current cut of the Weesperstraat. According to councilor Daan Wijnants, the cut is too far-reaching to continue until 21 July. Think, JA21, SP, CDA, FvD and Lijst Kabamba, among others, agree with Wijnants.

The Weesperstraat, Anne Frankstraat, Hoogte Kadijk and Kattenburgergracht have since 12 June closed with barriers for car and freight traffic. The cut is a trial by the municipality of Amsterdam, which wants to use it to investigate the effects on traffic, safety, air quality, noise and the perception of residents.

According to VVD – city councilor Daan Wijnants, from the first day there was heavy traffic in the few remaining routes to or from the center of the city. “Kattenburgerstraat in the Center in particular has to deal with heavy traffic, but there is also a lot of traffic on IJdoornlaan, Nieuwe Purmerweg and Volendammerweg in Noord, Piet Heinkade, Zeeburgerdijk, Mauritskade and Amsterdamsebrug in East, Ceintuurbaan and surrounding streets in South. not getting through for a large part of the day.”

Degrading conditions Now that the cut has been in force for a full week, the VVD notes a number of unacceptable side effects. “It turned out that vulnerable Amsterdammers were no longer able to reach the supplementary public transport (AOV), which led to degrading conditions in which people with walking difficulties had to walk hundreds of meters to get to their AOV,” says Wijnants. “There are also concerns about the arrival times of emergency and emergency services. In Noord in particular, videos have appeared of ambulances that were stuck in traffic, as a result of the cuts.”

That is why the parties are requesting an urgent debate on this subject. Their demand: the cut must be off the table. “The submitters take the position that the cut has led and will continue to lead to such socially unacceptable consequences that it must be discontinued immediately. With regard to the problems with the AOV, the council must also be able to be held accountable by the council as soon as possible, because every day where no action is taken here is one too many for the people concerned,” Wijnants concludes. Read also:

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