Mrs. Clardeij (90) is from Rijswijk and has been living in one of the private sector rental properties of Onderwatershof since last summer . This is a residential care center on the edge of the old center of Rijswijk. In the rental homes, seniors can live independently with direct care nearby. Mrs. Clardeij says: “I really enjoy it here.”

Onderwatershof is one of the locations of the elderly care organization Cardia in the region. A sixth location is currently being built in Rijswijk Buiten. Other properties can be found in Zoetermeer, The Hague and Scheveningen. On July 1, Cardia will hold an open day in all locations. Everyone is welcome there. Mrs Clardeij will probably give you an idea of ​​what it is like to live in such a residential care centre.

Freedom in activities

Mrs Clardeij is having a great time in Rijswijk. She beams as she talks about how her days are now. “Coffee and tea are served. My bread is cut for me at lunchtime.” She can no longer do that herself due to osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

The pain in her hands makes things even more difficult. For example, Mrs. Clardeij used to go line dancing and needlework, but that is no longer possible. “I regret that, but there are many activities here that I can go to. I can do everything and I don’t have to do anything, that’s the nice thing.”

She herself, for example, goes cycling. “Then we are gone for two hours and we get a cup of coffee or an ice cream on the way. In the winter we often drink chocolate milk.” This is all done by indispensable volunteers. Mrs. Clardeij says: “They are all sporty men. They are much younger than me!”

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Mrs Clardeij (resident) and Monique (Cardia) on the balcony of Mrs| Photo: Cardia


Happiness and need

Mrs. Clardeij’s apartment is a gem that she is proud of. “I have everything to myself. My balcony overlooks the beautiful greenery in the area. I love that!” She was lucky with that. Monique Scarpa, coordinator of The Client Office at Cardia, explains: “We have a partnership with housing corporation Rijswijk Wonen. Rijswijk Wonen owns the private rental sector. This means that residents rent the house from Rijswijk Wonen and that Cardia Onderwatershof provides the care.”

In addition to renting, it is also possible to live in the nursing home at Onderwatershof. “We offer apartments for people with dementia or chronic physical conditions,” says Monique. To come and live in the Onderwatershof apartments, an indication from the Long-Term Care Act (Wlz) is required.

Mrs. Clardeij has that indication, but can still live independently in the rental apartment. This is possible thanks to the so-called Complete Home Package from Cardia. With this she gets all the care she needs and there is 24 care close by if needed, hours a day. Mrs Clardeij says: “I have a son in Nijmegen and a daughter in France. They are not here so quickly.”


The location, the apartment and the care make it the ideal place for Mrs. Clardeij place to live. “I don’t want to leave here. It is so nice here, I recommend it to all my friends!” She lives alone in her apartment, but there is room for a lot of social contact. “There are people who live downstairs at the coffee table all day long. It’s not necessary for me, but it’s nice that it’s possible. And at Christmas dinners, the family can come and eat.”

Aging, staff shortages and increasingly expensive care are challenges that Cardia faces. “The future of healthcare is being able to live independently for as long as possible and that is possible with the Full Home Package. Living independently and receiving intensive care: that is possible with us”, says Monique. Cardia does this with the Complete Home Package in Rijswijk and Scheveningen. “We hope to be able to develop this in other places in the future.”

Take a look at the future of healthcare

Cardia’s newest location is being built precisely with an eye to the future: Hof van Kerstanje in the new housing estate Rijswijk Buiten. Monique: “There will be 24 care studios for elderly people with dementia who continue to live independently through the Full Home Package. It will be a completely new concept. We are going to think differently and do things differently.”

If you want to know more about the new location, you can go to the open day at one of Cardia’s locations. In Rijswijk (Onderwatershof), Zoetermeer (Floriadehof), The Hague (Landscheid and Tabitha) and Scheveningen (De Thuishaven) the open day is on July 1 from 24.00 until 15.00 o’clock. Everyone is welcome!

If you want to register directly for a waiting list or register as a volunteer, you can do so on the open day. In addition, there are snacks, you get a tour of the building and you get a goodie bag

. “That is always a hit,” says Mrs. Clardeij. “Everyone walks proudly with a bag attached to the walker.”



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