17 June 2023, by Abi Carter

Dispensers containing free sun cream are to be scattered across 100 different locations in the Netherlands this summer, as part of a campaign to encourage people to protect themselves amid rising cases of skin cancer. 

Free sun cream in 100 places across the Netherlands this summer

The Dutch government has launched a campaign to provide free sun protection to all residents of the Netherlands this summer. Dispensers will be filled with factor 30 sun cream at over 100 locations across the country, including schools, sports venues, parks, festivals and other open public spaces.

The aim is to ensure that everyone can properly protect themselves against the sun, without having to worry about factors such as cost or inconvenience. The campaign is funded by private businesses as well as 20 municipalities

Hand sanitiser stands converted into suncream dispensers

Venlo-Venray, a hospital close to the German border, began the campaign by working with health insurance companies to provide free sun cream to 120 primary schools in North Limburg, NOS reports. 

Liset Spreuwenberg, a spokesperson for the hospital, said that a dermatologist last year came up with the idea of converting the hand sanitiser dispensers that were ubiquitous during the coronavirus pandemic into sun cream dispensers. The idea proved a success, and soon other companies in the area were asking to get involved. 

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, and medical authorities have reported a recent and rapid rise in the number of cases across Europe. Sun cream is one of the best ways to protect your skin. 

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