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At various local taxi companies in the municipality of Noardeast-Fryslân, there are concerns about the number of available drivers. This is reported by Broadcasting Friesland . According to the regional broadcaster, this problem is partly related to the capacity problems that are currently occurring at the CBR.

Anyone who wants to order a taxi through Jobinder must expect longer waiting times. The regional exchange uses various local taxi companies, such as taxi exchange Waaksma. Jelle Bosma, who works for this company, is disappointed by the reduced growth. “In November last year I spoke to someone who wanted to become a driver with us. He wanted to get started as soon as possible, but had no clarity in May this year.”

According to Waakse, this has to do with the capacity problems at the CBR. “Large educators buy the spots en masse and later decide who they want to fit in there. We need more customization. But as a result, we sometimes miss the mark, just like other smaller parties. Self-training is not arranged overnight. Until then, we depend on the CBR.”

Worry Jobinder provides, among other things, target group transport in the region in question, such as Wmo and student transport. Although local taxi companies are concerned about the number of available drivers, the municipality of Noardeast-Fryslân is not very concerned. “As far as we know, there is currently no shortage of drivers who have to transport Wmo clients,” a spokesperson told TaxiPro.

“At the beginning of the year there was a shortage in the transport of students. We are currently struggling to get students who need to be transported individually to school at the right time. This is mainly due to the fact that all schools start at almost the same time. In the afternoon, before the return journey, things are fortunately better.”

Although Wmo transport is currently running smoothly for the most part, Northeast-Fryslân does receive signals from Ameland, for example. “They are unable to get new drivers there in time, due to the waiting times at the CBR. Training drivers yourself through the carriers or an internship can therefore be a point of attention for the future, “concludes the spokesperson.

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