Help is needed all over the world. Schiphol connects the Netherlands with the rest of the world and people with each other. With this collaboration, we hope to contribute and make medical care more accessible to everyone.

Ruud Sondag, CEO Royal Schiphol Group

Thanks in part to Royal Schiphol Group, we can reach people in need worldwide with life-saving resources such as medicines, clean drinking water and vaccines and, of course, our doctors and nurses. We are therefore very pleased with this collaboration and greatly appreciate Royal Schiphol Group as a partner. We hope that through this partnership travelers will get to know us even better and will support us in our work.

Judith Sargentini, director for Doctors without Borders Netherlands

Help knows no bounds

Doctors without Borders is almost 31 committed tirelessly to a world in which all people affected by conflicts, natural disasters or outbreaks of deadly diseases receive the medical care they need. With spacious 65. emergency responders in more than 65 countries, the organization takes action for everyone who needs it.


from left to right Judith Sargentini, director for Doctors without Borders Netherlands & Kees Boef, Director Corporate Affairs Royal Schiphol Group


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