Sippin’ in style: if you want to blow your guests away with surprising drinks or a tasteful cocktail, you’ve come to the in The Hague is the right place. Here they sell special and limited drinks for the collection, a pleasant evening with friends or a girls night.

The team of does not sell beer or wine in de Boetiek and that is a conscious choice. Avi is the store manager of the liquor store in The Hague and explains why: “We really want to focus on special drinks, rare bottles and hospitable service. This is how we want to distinguish ourselves from other businesses.”

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Bottle here, bottle there | Photo: the Boutique

How it started

From bartenders to booze vendors: the team behind wanted to start a webshop for spirits with special and exclusive bottles and a physical store was allowed to do this not missing. “We started as bartenders,” he explains. “We shake cocktails until deep into the night every week. That’s where our interest in drinks and unique flavor combinations originated and developed further.”

“We spent a lot of time abroad in order to master the trade. We attended tastings there and visited many bars and restaurants. That’s how we developed our taste. In that period we learned a lot about the drinks, the ingredients and the production process, but also about hospitality, service and experience and passion. From that was born.”

The Boutique of

The men received positive energy from their own webshop and that made them want more. Avi: “We love being able to share our knowledge about drinks with our guests. In our store they receive advice from us and see how wide the choice can be!”

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Beautifully presented in the store | Photo: the Boutique

The Boutique of liquor. nl distinguishes itself from other liquor specialty stores. “We opted for a fresh color palette and a calm and minimalist look. You will not find a price on the bottles, but a QR code. You can scan this to find all information about the product. If you cannot find a solution, we are ready to advise our guests in choosing a nice bottle.”

Vision’s vision is refreshing and unique: “We have a wide range that often changes. Many bottles are not common and certainly not available everywhere. We only have one bottle of each product in the store. If it is sold, another bottle will take its place. This way we never stand still and we can continue to surprise our guests,” explains Avi. Want to have more than one bottle? Then order via and your order will be delivered the next day delivered at home. Fine!

“In addition, we sell a nice selection of special and limited drinks in the Boutique. You will find this exclusively in our store and not on our webshop.”

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The choice is huge! | Photo: the Boutique

Different from others

Whether you have a party planned or a nice dinner: there is always a good reason to put a nice cocktail on the table. The Boetiek team has everything in-house for this. Do you want to make your own cocktail, but don’t have a shaker at home? No problem! You will find everything you need at the liquor store.

Shake it!

Shake it! At the Boutique you will find everything you need for a delicious cocktail, a drink or a party. The team is ready to welcome you and provide you with advice. Tip: a unique bottle is also a nice gift. “If you are looking for a specific bottle, don’t hesitate to place it with us. We can often order it through the store and possibly deliver it at home!” Avi concludes. You can find the shop at Molenstraat 5. 14125222

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