Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA) warns travelers who take a taxi for extortionate prices that some drivers are currently charging. The taxi company does this via Twitter. According to TCA, the current traffic in the capital is the main culprit.

“With the current traffic in the city, we unfortunately see that this is also being abused” , writes TCA on Twitter. “Always note the roof light number, organization where the driver works and always ask for the receipt from the BCT (On-Board Computer Taxi), because that is where all data is mandatory.”

TCA responds to a tweet from journalist René Mioch. He raised the issue earlier this week. “It’s outrageous how taxi drivers refuse people if they don’t pay at least fifty euros to go to the center. Tourists get a high bill in advance. File of taxis, because the front ones are negotiating.”

Text continues under the tweet.

Shameful how the taxi drivers refuse people if they are not at least 50 pay euros to go to the Center. Tourists receive a high bill in advance. Queue of taxis because the front ones are negotiating. I have pictures of the license plates @ZiggoDome @TCAmsterdam

— Rene Mioch (@ReneMioch) June 11, 2023

Weesperstraat The current traffic in Amsterdam, according to TCA, favors this scene. The Netherlands’ largest taxi center refers, among other things, to the intersection of Weesperstraat, which will be completely closed to car traffic for another five weeks (except at weekends and at night). “You see that when drivers are told that they have to go that way, they ask absurd prices,” explains TCA director Hedy Borreman. “Of course we don’t want that. We hope this tweet helps travelers to avoid problems.”

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