15 June 2023, by Victoria Séveno

While the number of people travelling via Schiphol Airport has increased significantly since the coronavirus pandemic, recent figures show that passenger numbers still remain well below 2019 levels. 

Schiphol sees 1 million fewer travellers in April 2023

Throughout 2022, Schiphol made international headlines after it was unable to keep up with rising passenger numbers amid severe staff shortages. While the situation has certainly improved this year, recent figures shared by the airport show that the number of people flying via Schiphol is still significantly lower than before the outbreak of COVID-19. 

As reported by NU, 5,1 million people travelled via Schiphol Airport in April 2023 – 1 million fewer than in April 2019. The figures tell a similar story for March 2023, when the airport welcomed 1 million fewer passengers than in March 2019. 

Number of flights and passengers risen since 2022

While passenger numbers are still yet to reach pre-pandemic levels, numbers have risen since last year. In fact, the number of travellers rose by 16 percent between last April and April 2023, while the number of flights increased by 8 percent. 

Thumb: Jan van der Wolf via Shutterstock.com.

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