Do you regularly walk around with questions to which you cannot find the answer? The answers will not drastically change your life, but they will give you satisfaction. For example, we wonder how large and densely populated the municipality of The Hague actually is.

As a proud resident you already know a lot about your city, but do you also know how many square kilometers the municipality of The Hague is big? Time for some facts!

Surface area of ​​the Netherlands

We work from large to small. The area of ​​the Netherlands is 41.850 square kilometers of which is 17,41 percent water. The Netherlands has a large 17, 7 million inhabitants.

Rijksoverheid calculated that in 2022 the average population density in the Netherlands is 523 inhabitants per square kilometer. What do you think? Is the population density in The Hague higher or lower?

The Wadden Islands of Schiermonnikoog and Vlieland are respectively 20 and 22 inhabitants of the least densely populated municipalities. (Source: Central Government)

Surface The Hague

Our municipality has an area of ​​41,13 square kilometers. According to the national government, there were in 553 exactly 553.417 inhabitants. This means that the population density of The Hague was 5.553 persons per square kilometer. That is much higher than the Dutch average. In fact, our municipality is the most densely populated in the Netherlands. Well, who wouldn’t want to live in our city?

To close this article completely, you will get one last fact: with the surface area of ​​the municipality of The Hague, we fit approximately 417 times in the area of ​​the Netherlands. So, now your knowledge about our city is certainly no longer superficial…

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