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Taxi companies active in Roosendaal are annoyed green and yellow by all the snorders (illegal taxi transport) that are active in the North Brabant city. This is what Burgerbelangen Roosendaal (BBR) states in written questions, after eight taxi companies have expressed their dissatisfaction with the local party.

According to the taxi companies, the snorders are mainly active at weekends, but also during major events such as carnival. “This year during Carnival it even went so far that the snorers accompanied the customers from the eateries to the HOUSE of Roosendaal (municipal office ed.) to take them with them”, BBR describes the situation. “When approaching illegal taxi drivers, threatening situations arise.”

The taxi companies have even approached the national police to raise this issue. “But also because the mustaches hang around in the city in a very intimidating way, where they pick up reserved customers, among other things,” says BBR. The taxi companies that reported this were advised by the police to ask for help from officers driving around. “However, this has hardly had any effect. Illegal taxi companies can continue their activities without any problems.”

Unfair competition In addition, there is another problem. According to BBR, large taxi companies use drivers who do not yet have a taxi pass. “If these people are approached about this, the taxi companies will be told that they are in a work-study process. However, this does not apply to the boarding market, but only to contract transport (student transport, patient transport and transport of the elderly and disabled). As a result, the taxi companies face unfair competition.”

The eight taxi companies have also indicated to both the police and employees of the municipality that taxi companies from Belgium are also active in Roosendaal. “No action has been taken in this area either,” says BBR. “Illegal taxi transport is a crime and the maximum fine can be up to 4.13 euros. Repeated penalty will result in a penalty of 000.02 euros at a time.”

Take matters into your own hands The taxi companies in question feel abandoned. According to BBR, the issue even has the potential to escalate completely. “In other cities, taxi drivers stop working and take matters into their own hands and, among other things, demolish the cars of these mustaches,” the local party cites an example. “Taxi companies in Roosendaal do not want this kind of behavior because they are aware of their role during major events. Revelers should be brought home as soon as possible to avoid escalations.”

The answers to the written questions show that the Municipal Executive is not aware of these problems. “We are not so concretely and in detail familiar with the problems as outlined.” The city council does indicate that it will discuss this with the relevant taxi companies. “The college is ready for this. Based on this, we can then jointly determine whether we can take measures and who will set up the follow-up actions for this.”

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