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In parts of Giethoorn, including the Giethoorn-Zuid residential area, residents have recently been bothered by illegal taxis that were parked incorrectly. This is what Veur Elkaar puts in written questions to the Municipal Executive (B&W). In addition, the local political party states that card fraud is being committed.

According to Veur Elkaar, the residents concerned have already reported illegally parked taxis several times. This is often about tourist guides. The local political party therefore wants to know from the municipal executive why this is not or hardly enforced.

“If parking is done in places where this is not allowed, the enforcers will issue a warning or a fine,” the council clarifies. “However, our enforcers are not authorized to enforce the taxi permit. That is a task for the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT).”

Card fraud In the Hylkemaweg, Ketstraat, De Meester JJ Hofstraat and Meester K. Hofstraweg, a closedness statement applies to all motor vehicles, according to the council. This means that no cars or other motor vehicles are allowed to drive in these places. Residents and delivery traffic are excluded from this. Since last summer, residents who live in these streets have had a card with which they can prove that they live in the streets in question.

Veur Elkaar states that fraud is being committed with these cards. “This map has been distributed further than just residents, for example by taxi companies from Amsterdam. Can you indicate what measures you will take in the very short term to tackle this card fraud?”, the local political party asks the Steenwijkerlandse college. The city council says it is aware of this. “We recently received a signal that the card is being used by one or more taxi companies. We are going to find out whether this is indeed the case and to what extent it happens”, concludes the Municipal Executive.

Combat The inhabitants of the streets in question have themselves put forward a number of possible solutions, which they believe can combat this problem. Think of sufficient traffic controllers, continuous enforcement with tit-for-tat policy in the event of parking problems and working with parking permits. The Municipal Executive has since asked the municipal council to expand the enforcement capacity by one FTE. “After an evaluation next year, a possible further expansion will be discussed.” A towing scheme has also been set up, which makes it possible to tow away dangerously parked cars.

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