People are already coming from Groningen, Belgium, but also just neighborhoods in The Hague 40 year to René Beffie’s shop. However, the Tanner, where René sells all kinds of leather, stops; the shop will close soon.

Despite the fact that the shop on the Beresteinlaan is doing very well , René is now holding a sale. And that goes fast, because in a few weeks time, the store is always filled from top to bottom (there is normally such a 40. kilos of leather) already half empty.

Making way for new construction

The reason for the sale is only a lot less fun. The building where René has been running De Leerlooier for years, has to make way for new construction. The whole flat is demolished. René first hoped to be able to move to another building, but he needs so much stock and therefore space that the current rents have made him decide to stop with De Leerlooier.

Unfortunately, with the departure of the huge leather shop again a company where many people from the interior, but especially fashion world, could score their products. Anyone who needs a piece of leather now has to look further.

De Leerlooier on Beresteinlaan 165 is still open daily (sometimes even on Sundays) and holds empty sales. The shop will close permanently when the stock is sold.

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