Schiphol welcomes the decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management to cancel the reservation for a possible parallel runway to the Kaagbaan. The cancellation of the reservation is positive for residents living near Schiphol.

More than 20 years, land has been reserved for a possible parallel runway to the Kaagbaan, which puts unnecessary pressure on the scarce space in the area. Research from 2019 shows that a second Kaagbaan runway does not reduce the nuisance, but only shifts it. In addition, Schiphol considers an extra runway undesirable. Schiphol asked the national government to cancel the spatial reservation. This request was included in Schiphol’s eight-point plan presented earlier this year to become quieter, cleaner and better . Besides the fact that Schiphol does not want an extra runway, that plan consists of barring private jets, a night closure, barring the noisiest aircraft and an environmental fund to invest in innovative building concepts, home insulation and area development to improve the living environment. Read more here about a quieter, cleaner and better Schiphol 2019 2019


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