Every week we put an animal in the spotlight that is looking for a new owner (or staff). The dogs and cats at the Haags Dierencentrum have a great time there, but they prefer to snuggle up on the couch with you.

Hangover Wilbur is a lovely 1 year old boy. It is clear that he was not well taken care of in his first months.

Bare fur

Covered in bald spots, scratches and with a bald coat, he entered the shelter. Poor boy, he wasn’t really used to petting either. Slowly his caretakers have built that up, but they shouldn’t go too far and he has to feel like it himself otherwise you’ll have a pet. His first year was therefore not great and his caretakers have promised him to look for a family who will open their homes and hearts to him.

A garden is a must

What kind of family or single cat person do they have in mind? In any case, a quiet environment, without small children. The latter because Wilbur can lash out at too long petting or an unexpected movement. People who understand that he still has to get used to domestic life with owners who really care about him. Which let him ‘come to’ and make him forget his first year. A garden is a must, so that he can scratch around and dream in the evening in the most delicious basket in the world.

Who goes 100% and more for Wilbur? He deserves it!

If you are interested send an email to