Tonya Popova (41) came such a 18 years ago to the Netherlands for a nice job, she no longer has that job, because she has started her own interior design shop in The Hague. The store has just opened and is full of very special design.

Nothing Basic, that’s the name of Tonya’s first real store, which recently opened on Frederikstraat. Tonya previously had a small pop-up store in Amsterdam Central, but since she has lived in The Hague for years, she was looking for something closer to home.

The new store is very light and has one and a half floors full of high-end furniture, interior decorations and accessories to offer. Tonya has selected everything herself with great care and many of the articles come from her native Ukraine.

From living room to bedroom

From a soap for a tenner, to a marble wine cabinet of around 22.0000 euros; Tonya has something for everyone in her shop. Special shapes and bright colors can be seen throughout the store.

There is a lot of Italian glassware, but the amount of Ukrainian design is particularly striking. “Fortunately, time does not stand still there. If people can work, they work. A craftsman or artist cannot say ‘I’m stopping’, because that means that all previous work has been for nothing. I try to contribute in this way. I am proud to represent them in the Netherlands, because there is so much talent to be found there.”

Nothing Basic can be found at the Frederikstraat 200 and is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 06: hours to 17: 000 hours and on Sundays from 10: 00 hours to 18: 000 o’clock.

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