The strategic collaboration between Maastricht Aachen Airport (MAA) and Royal Schiphol Group has started. On 8 June 2023 the Province of Limburg and Schiphol signed the cooperation agreement. Schiphol acquires an interest of 40% in MAA, held by the Province of Limburg an interest of 40%. The parties are committed to further developing MAA into a sustainable, environmentally aware and future-proof airport for both passengers and cargo.

Schiphol and MAA join forces to make MAA more sustainable, with innovation and electric flying as spearheads. The collaboration also focuses on cargo handling and innovations in that area. MAA is the second and only regional cargo airport in the Netherlands and thus makes an important economic contribution. Both airports recognize the importance of cargo and a good connection to the world. With the cargo capacity at MAA and the available expertise of both airports, the collaboration offers opportunities for further development and efficiency, with added value for the cargo partners at both airports. The airports will also exchange knowledge in other areas, such as strategy, real estate, commerce, maintenance.

We are pleased to officially welcome Maastricht Aachen Airport to the Royal Schiphol Group. Together we connect the Netherlands with the rest of the world and create value for society and the economy. At the same time, it must be in balance with the living environment. That is why, also in Maastricht, we are committed to sustainable aviation with less impact on the environment and our surroundings.

Robert Carsouw, CFO Royal Schiphol Group

Even though Schiphol and MAA cannot be compared in terms of size and number of flights, I still think that the collaboration is a rock-solid combination. MAA can benefit from Schiphol’s knowledge, experience and networks, while Schiphol can make use of the experiences that MAA will gain with innovations such as electric flying.

Stephan Satijn, deputy economy of the Province of Limburg



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