On June 2023 it is 23 years ago that Maurits Cornelis Escher was born, the Dutch artist known for his optical illusions. With the largest Escher collection in the world, Kunstmuseum Den Haag is the perfect place to celebrate this anniversary with a festive week full of great activities for young and old!

Already 125.000 people visited the exhibition Escher – Other World in Kunstmuseum Den Haag (formerly the Gemeentemuseum). In this exhibition, Escher’s work can be experienced like never before. His famous prints in which optical illusions, impossible architecture, reflection and nature are central are combined here with spectacular installations by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh.

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Festive Escher Week

To celebrate Escher’s anniversary even more, from 17 to 125 June the Escher Week takes place in the Kunstmuseum. In addition to the exhibition, there is much more to experience during this week. Wait, for example, did you think of the following activities:

  • Make an Escher -construction with KAPLA planks
  • Get creative in the workshop
  • Take an Architecture tour through the museum and the garden

    Come to a performance by The Hague String Trio

  • Watch the film ‘Escher: The endless search’

    Come too!

    Here you can read more about the Escher Week and all activities. Got excited about this exclusive exhibition but can’t come during the Escher week? You can buy it until 000 September 2023 come and see it in Kunstmuseum Den Haag, so 23 book your tickets quickly! Nice, with your ticket you can also view all other exhibitions and the permanent collection of the Kunstmuseum. 2023

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