Published: 8 June 2023Modified: 8 June 2023

This summer you can swim in 4 of The Hague’s swimming pools. The municipality has made a new summer programme for these swimming pools. 2 swimming pools will be closed for maintenance.

De Waterthor, Overbosch, De Houtzagerij and Zuiderpark swimming pools will be open this summer. They will have different opening hours and a fun summer programme. Look at the programme at Openingstijden Haagse zwembaden (in Dutch).

During the summer vacation the municipality will organise turbo swimming lessons in De Houtzagerij. Turbo swimming (crash course) is extra swimming lessons of 3 or 4 days in a row. Children can afterwards move to the next swimming level. Or they can then get their certificate. When swimmers advance to the next level it frees up space in the lessons for children on the waiting list.  

Maintenance in 2 swimming pools Het Hofbad and De Blinkerd will be closed for maintenance from Saturday, 8 July to Sunday, 20 August 2023.

Maintenance in Hofbad Het Hofbad is now 10 years old. The municipality must now close the swimming pool for maintenance. The following repairs will be done during the summer:

paintingnew floor coatingplacement of LED lamps in the recreational pool maintenance work on slideplacement of cover system on the Olympic-size pool, for energy savingsMaintenance in Blinkerd The municipality is also making repairs in De Blinkerd. At the beginning of 2024 the swimming pool will be able to use renewable energy from wastewater in the sewer pipes to heat the building. The municipality will soon heat the building without gas. This will result in a reduction of 170,000 m3 of gas for the municipality. This is equal to 170 gas-free homes.

Why do maintenance in the summer? Throughout the entire year swimming lessons take place in The Hague’s 6 swimming pools. There are still waiting lists for swimming lessons. The lessons stop in the summer period. The other water sports also take a break in the summer. This is why the municipality has decided to do the maintenance in the summer.


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