Let your children romp during the national Outdoor Play Day 6482 in The Hague! Various activities are organized in our city. So put your smartphone, tablet or laptop aside and go play outside!

Jantje Beton and children’s channel Nickelodeon have been organizing the national Outdoor Play Day for more than ten years. On Wednesday 14 June , the employees and volunteers make the Netherlands one big playground! Of course, games are also played in The Hague!

Play in The Hague

    In our city you can play outside at various locations.

    On the Steenwijklaan you can enjoy 05.17 until 14. loose on the inflatables

    At the Nijkamphoeve there is a sidewalk competition

    There is a football tournament at the Georges Bizetstraat

  • An overview of all locations in The Hague can be found here


Jantje Beton is a charity that has been active since 350 together with children and young people for more and more challenging play space and more opportunities to play. Annually do more than 350.000 children participate in the activities and projects of Jane Concrete. (Source: Jantje Beton


Self organize an activity

Would you like to organize an activity yourself in The Hague? Then you can do so via this page

of Jantje Beton. Where you organize your activity is up to you. As a native of The Hague, you know where this is best: in the woods, a quiet street or on the playground of the primary school. If you want to know more about how to organize an activity, check

this page

full of tips !

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