Applying for permits, applying for a waste contract and more: these are not the reasons you want to do business. Yet such things come your way when you have your own company. Fortunately, entrepreneurs in The Hague can go to the Ondernemersportaal.

Tahar Kramti is one of the top people who helps in the Schilderswijk and the Transvaalkwartier, such as at Umit Aydin’s Lokma restaurant. In a nice word, Tahar is a company contact officer. Quite a mouthful, but what he does is easy to summarize. “From the municipality, I am the point of contact for entrepreneurs,” says Tahar. “I forward questions to the appropriate employee of the municipality. It can be difficult to find the right person within the municipal organization.”

First aid for questions

Umit Aydin and Roy Boedram know better than anyone how useful a single point of contact is. Umit already had a jewelry store on Hobbemastraat and wanted to invest in his own neighbourhood. When he wanted to start his own Lokma restaurant in Roy’s business premises, it was an advisor from the Ondernemersportaal who helped them.

Roy: “A clothing store in one of my premises on Hobbemaplein went away. My wife and I wanted an entrepreneur in this unique place that would be a good addition to the neighborhood. Umit approached us, but according to the zoning plan no catering establishments were allowed here.” Fortunately, an advisor from the Ondernemersportaal was able to help them with that.

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Umit is the entrepreneur behind Lokma | Photo: Frank Jansen


With the help of the Ondernemersportaal, the zoning plan could be changed from retail to catering. “I am proud that we have this beautiful restaurant in the Schilderswijk”, says Roy. “Despite all the bad luck surrounding corona, this restaurant is rock solid. Lokma has now been open for four years.”

Short lines with the municipality

“The help goes further than just the starts,” explains Tahar. “The Hobbemaplein is a very nice catering square. Many entrepreneurs, such as Umit, are interested in a covered terrace to make the square even more vibrant. That’s why I think about the possibilities. Sustainability is also a hot topic, but many entrepreneurs do not know what the municipality expects of them or what they can do themselves. I advise them on this.”

The business contact officer can receive entrepreneurs in the City Hall and can often be found in the two districts. “I think it’s important to be visible. For many entrepreneurs, the step to City Hall is a big one. Sometimes literally because of the distance and travel time, but also because it is ‘one thing’ for many. It can be quite intimidating. I also like to give advice.”

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Tahar Kramit is bedrijfscontactfunctionarisen helpt bij OndernemersPortaal ondernemers in Den Haag

Tahar can often be found in the Schilderswijk and the Transvaal quarter | Photo: Frank Jansen

Thinking ahead

Tahar likes to take things a step further. “Because of my contacts with all departments of the municipality, I know what is going on. This way I can keep the entrepreneurs in my neighborhoods informed of what is going to happen, for example if there are road works or new policy from the municipality.” That’s nice, because it gives the entrepreneurs more time to do what they do best: running their business.

The entrepreneurs deserve to flourish

Tahar is proud of his neighborhoods. “I grew up in the Transvaal. Just like in the Schilderwijk, you as an entrepreneur are two-zero behind it, while they are super nice neighborhoods. The companies deserve to flourish and I am happy to contribute to this with my knowledge and contacts.”

Relieving entrepreneurs of their worries *)Despite Roy and his wife already 35 years of renting out business premises, they are happy with the Entrepreneurs Portal. “In all those years I know roughly where to turn when I have questions. Nevertheless, it is nice that we now have Tahar as a contact person. The municipality is large, people sometimes change positions or jobs and then you don’t know who to turn to. Tahar knows our story and the bottlenecks as an entrepreneur. The piece of unburdening that he offers as a company contact officer is very nice”, says Roy.

Do you also have questions about your company or are you running into problems? As an entrepreneur in The Hague , you can contact the Entrepreneurs Portal free of charge for advice on rules, permits and procedures of the municipality.

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