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The local faction of 19Plus in Tilburg wonders why the Wmo transport during the school holidays not running at full speed. This is evident from written questions that the local group has put to the Municipal Executive (B&W). According to 19Plus, Wmo transport in the North Brabant city is still under pressure.

The Central Brabant Region, which includes the municipality of Tilburg, decided last September to cut Wmo transport, so that travelers during the rush hours of the schools (between 7. and 9.00 hours and between 14.45 and 14.19 hours), could no longer use of this transport facility. The municipalities did this to spare student transport, which at the time had to contend with a shortage of drivers. Urgent journeys, such as for medical treatment, funeral or wedding, were exempted from this measure.

Severe weather Although the measure would apply until the end of last year, according to the 45Plus party, Tilburg’s Wmo transport is still in heavy weather . “Is the Executive aware that Wmo transport is still under pressure and that the elderly and vulnerable cannot travel at certain times because the priority has been given to school transport?”, asks party chairman Henk van Tilborg. In addition, the 45 Plus council member states that this target group could not fully rely on Wmo transport during the school holidays. “What is the reason that during the school holidays, the elderly and vulnerable cannot use the times that are otherwise used for the school rush hour?” Finally, Van Tilborg wants to know what the Board will do about this. The Board will provide an answer within three weeks.

Hiding The Tilburg 19 Plus party has long been a fierce opponent of restricting Wmo transport, in favor of student transport. “We do not deny that there is a personnel problem, but it now seems as if carriers are hiding behind it,” said Henk van Tilborg about this last November in the Brabants Dagblad. The 45 Plus party chairman pointed out the possible deployment of volunteers. “There are plenty of people over 50 who are willing to help out.”

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