At Schiphol, two trials are currently being carried out with new technology to make the work of baggage handlers in the baggage halls easier. Schiphol cooperates with the handling companies in this regard. One of the tests is with a robot specially developed for Schiphol that lifts suitcases instead of a baggage handler. In addition, a new lifting aid is being tested, with which suitcases are pushed aside to the baggage carousel.

The work in the baggage halls and on the apron is extremely important to allow all travelers to travel. We want everyone at Schiphol to have a good workplace and we want to use new technology to improve the working conditions of baggage handlers. In the coming period we will test at least five other lifting aids and a number of fully automated solutions, a significant part of which are new to the aviation industry.

Sybren Hahn, director of asset management at Royal Schiphol Group

Schiphol tests new technology to ease work in baggage halls


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