Ever heard of plastic decking? It is the latest alternative to hardwood floors in your outdoor space and much more environmentally friendly. They last a long time, look super natural and are maintenance free. Patrick van Alterwood tells you how to give your garden or balcony the ultimate terrace look (and he has a nice present for you !).

Patrick is also a big fan of Millboard’s plastic planks and also has them in his garden. They are exact, hand-formed copies of wooden planks in a coarse and fine structure. Each plank has a unique structure. They are super strong, but because they are plastic they are light and do not warp. Thanks to the resilient top layer, you won’t just slip on them, even if they get wet. “They really are the alternative to hardwood and conventional composite for your outdoor space. The natural wood grain of the decking boards is especially beautiful, they give a beautiful natural look, but it will not be in your garden or on your balcony.”

And there are many more possibilities with Millboard: it is also extremely suitable for swimming pool finishing or as facade cladding. With the facade cladding from Millboard you can give your house or outdoor space such a hip wood look without having to spend a lot of time on maintenance. There are different types of planks with which you can give your facade a completely different look. Think of wide or narrow planks, but also with a beautiful pattern. View the entire collection on the website.


More and more people, but companies are also fans of the decking boards. Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam, for example, which built a large part of the zoo with this. Patrick: “The plastic planks from Millboard have a lot of advantages. They are non-slip, algae-repellent and are also maintenance-free due to the UV protection. They don’t warp, don’t rot and vermin can’t settle in them.” They also look very nice: just look at the photos below.

A selection from the range. Can you see yourself already? Read more under the photos >>

Order now three free samples

If you have become curious and you want to know whether the plastic planks from Millboard are something for you, you can order samples from Alterwood to see which planks suit your outdoor space or facade. These cost 4,29 each. Order your samples via the website.


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