Hangover Hunter has been in the Hague Animal Center for a while and is looking for a new home. Can you offer it?

No children

Hunter, darling 2 years old, would like to leave his place in the shelter for a forever home. He asks for a loving and quiet home without other four-legged friends and without children, both would be too stressful for him. Hunter likes to be petted occasionally, but not for too long. He does not want to be arrested.

Tail ​​with bite wounds

In the shelter he had bladder stones, for which he gets diet food. His caregivers also had to anoint his eyes for a long time, but luckily they are now completely back. Because he came in with old bite wounds on his tail and had an increase, he was checked thoroughly in the clinic anyway and he had various examinations.

And now he can finally go home. A quiet home is the best place to be for him, he is still a bit scared. He doesn’t say ‘no’ to a garden to roam around in. And he’s quite curious so once you get used to it, he likes to come and see what you’re doing.

Hunter may not have been so lucky the first two years, we’re going to change that. With help from you! Do you have the right home situation for him, no children or four-legged friends as roommates, a garden and a lot of love and patience? Would you like Hunter as a roommate? Then quickly email your details to