VANDERWOU Tours has acquired tour operator Brabant Expres. According to the takeover, the coach company from Dongen can offer travelers options, such as bus trips at home and abroad.

“Brabant Expres drives for students, just like we do , associations and companies, but in Zevenbergen and the surrounding area”, says Rozanne Heijs-Beerens, co-owner of VANDERWOU Tours. “With this takeover we are expanding our working area, both literally and figuratively.”

“Brabant Expres has been successful for years with its Travel department in offering fully arranged (day) trips and travel in at home and abroad”, Heijs-Beerens continues her story. “Thanks to the takeover, we can offer our customers, both in Dongen and Zevenbergen, more and more options. That gives us a challenge that we are really looking forward to.”

Corona According to VANDERWOU, the takeover has already been completed three years ago, just before the outbreak of the corona virus. Hans Goverde, director of Brabant Expres, then met Cees Beerens, director at VANDERWOU Tours. From the conversation they had with each other, it appeared that Goverde had no successor in house to continue his business. “The first seed has been planted”, is how VANDERWOU looks back on that period.

Two years later, Hans Goverde is sure: Brabant Expres is in good hands with VANDERWOU Tours. “We want to innovate, among other things in the vehicles and the materials we work with,” says owner Arjen van der Wou. “We also want to digitize, so that we can easily switch between the offices in Dongen and Zevenbergen.” Cees Beerens will fulfill the position of operational director.

Hardly any changes Besides the new faces, according to VANDERWOU Tours nothing else. “The real estate and the coaches have also been taken over. Both the name and the work remain. VANDERWOU takes over, but remains alongside Brabant Expres. Together you are stronger”, concludes the Dongen coach company.

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