In the municipality of The Hague there are regular special houses for sale. From small workers’ houses to striking urban villas. For example, there is now a houseboat for sale that has more space than you probably expect. Are you watching?

The houseboat is contrary to what you might expect, new and luxurious. This may not look like much from the outside, but wait until you see the inside. The house has a bathroom with a large corner bath. The kitchen is huge and finally it has a sunny terrace.

The inside

The first thing that strikes you is the style of the current owner. A large cream leather sofa combined with red curtains and walls. The master bedroom has a large bed and many paintings. The house gives a gypsy

atmosphere. It is cozy and exudes luxury. The kitchen should not be forgotten either. With a counter top on three sides, a small bar and lots of cupboards, this is a real eye catcher

in the living room.

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The terrace

Adjoins the living room a floating terrace located on the southwest. It’s not very big, but with water as a backyard you don’t need that at all. The floating garden is made of wooden decking and you have sun here all day. Want to explore more of your backyard? You can moor a boat on the terrace and there are stairs if you want to take a dip. Ideal!

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The location

The location of the house is very nice. The houseboat built in 1080 is a few minutes away cycling the Zuiderpark, the center and the beach. The boat on the terrace can also be used to move. Are you sailing to Voorburg, Rotterdam or Delft?

Let’s talk numbers

The asking price of this property is 425. euros. What do you get in return? 76 square meters of living space, two floors, five rooms and a bathroom with a bathtub. You pay for this abode 1080 euros per square meter. That is also less than the average of 1080 euros per square meter in The Hague. Bargain!

The pictures

Want to see what it looks like? Have a look here:


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