Stichting Dierenhospitaal en Ambulancedienst The Hague and surroundings is looking hard for new owners for three very sweet, black cats who are currently staying in the hospital.

The employees of the animal hospital do not understand why a suitable home has still not been found for male cats Vinny, Poppet and Leon. “Maybe it’s because of the myth surrounding black cats?”, employee Linette Eveleens wonders. “It’s not about character. These three black cats are all sweethearts. They love to play and cuddle and they are also very photogenic!”

Read the description about cats Vinny, Poppet and Leon below. Don’t you think they are beautiful?

Cheerful Vinny

Cheerful Vinny is about five years old and loves playing and cuddling. He was picked off the street and prepared for a new home by the lovely employees of the animal hospital. Vinny has to get used to his new boss a bit at first, but hey, we would too, right? This sweet cat loves tasty snacks and a boss who gives him enough attention.

Vinnie. Photo Dierenambulance The Hague / Dasha Munnik

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Friendly Poppet

Poppet has changed from a scared cat into a sweet, friendly boy due to all the attention of the volunteers and employees in the animal hospital. After his discovery he looked at everyone with frightened eyes, but after a good portion of attention his eyes are now nice and curious. Poppet also has to get used to his new home. Look at that nice round head: Poppet is a lovely cuddly cat.

Poppet Photo Animal Ambulance The Hague / Nancy Folten

About Animal Ambulance The Hague

Stichting Dierenhospitaal & Ambulancedienst Den Haag eo has animal ambulances in The Hague, Zoetermeer and other cities in our region. Linette Eveleens: “We take healthy cats that we pick up by ambulance and that seem to have no owner directly to the shelter. Cats that are injured or sick stay with us in the hospital. When they have been refurbished, we will find them a new home.”



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