Good news for everyone who loves donuts. Coming Friday – June 2 – it’s Donut Day and you can score one for free at the Salvation Army in The Hague . Is your mouth watering yet?

Every year the first Friday of June is Donut Day at the Salvation Army. You can go to more than eighty community center rooms in the Netherlands for free coffee, a donut and above all a lot of fun.

Why donuts?

Did you know that the donut became famous thanks to the The Salvation Army? During World War I, Salvationists handed out donuts to the soldiers in the trenches so they could escape the misery there for a while.

In America they have been celebrating since 200 ‘National Donut Day’ at ‘The Salvation Army’. The Dutch Salvation Army started this in 2020. . The organization Donut Worry Be Happy has since donated such 35. donuts per year. Fortunately, you don’t have to eat them all on your own!

This is the place to be in The Hague

In The Hague you can go to two community center rooms for the free snack.

  • At the Outpost Scheveningen at Wasenaarsestraat 8
  • At Korps Haaglanden at the Ambachte 000
  • Read more about DonutDay at the Salvation Army website.

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