Published: 1 June 2023Modified: 5 June 2023

Less rubbish is dumped next to waste containers when there is a camera hanging up in the area. This was seen during a trial experiment carried out by the municipality in 2022 using camera surveillance.

On average there were 60% fewer garbage bags left next to waste containers when cameras were hung up. In comparison there were 37% fewer garbage bags placed in spots without cameras.  

Dummies most effectiveThe municipality tried out both real surveillance cameras and fake cameras (dummies) during the experiment. The dummy cameras appeared to be most effective. The reason for this could be because the dummy cameras can be placed closer to the containers.

Offenders unknownThe real cameras filmed nearly 700 incidents with garbage being left on the street. Nevertheless the municipality did not hand out any fines.

In three-quarters of the cases the person could clearly be seen in the images. But the municipality could not see identify the people who were filmed. The municipality will now look into how it can do this differently.

PositiveMany residents of The Hague think it is a good idea to hang up cameras by waste containers. While employees were busy installing the cameras they received compliments and words of thanks from people walking by.

The municipality also received many positive email messages. Many people asked whether the municipality could also place a camera in their street.

The people who filled in the online survey were also positive. Some 78% thought it was a good idea to use cameras by the waste containers.

People dump less rubbish next to waste containers if a camera has been hung up. This was seen during a trial experiment carried out by the municipality in 2022. Also see: Camera surveillance by waste containers


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