Measures to reduce emissions

Schiphol is working to reduce emissions from diesel and aircraft engines. The airport does this in constructive consultation with the aviation sector (airline companies, ground handlers and air traffic control), FNV (on behalf of the trade unions), the national government and knowledge institutions. Schiphol is working on a total package of measures to minimize exposure to employees. This is a complex task, because some of the (technological) solutions required for this are not yet available. At Schiphol we are working on: Measures on the platform to remove the source of emissions, such as the recently implemented rules to taxi with fewer engines and the tightening of rules for using the auxiliary engine.

Measures to increase the distance between the source of emissions and employees, such as adjusting departure procedures and offering face masks.

Experimental research on air cleaning on the platform and improve air quality. View

The Dutch Labor Inspectorate today published a draft decree with proposed requirements on emissions from kerosene engines and the improvement of working conditions at Schiphol. Schiphol, other parties in the aviation sector and interested parties are asked to submit their views on this, after which the Labor Inspectorate will take a decision. Schiphol will study the draft decision and submit an opinion.


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