From a villa with a swimming pool to an apartment with a roof terrace: the houses in this list all cost more than a million. What do you actually get in return in The Hague? You read it below.

Graaf Florislaan

A private driveway, a sauna, a walk-in closet, a wine fridge, an outbuilding and a garden with several terraces. Those are just a few things this home has to offer. It is large and has a luxurious look on both the inside and outside. The house has six rooms, two bathrooms and two kitchens. In short: everything you would expect from a little villa.

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A large semi-detached house is for sale in the Vogelwijk. It has three floors, nine rooms, two bathrooms and a huge garden. The garden faces east and has a pond, a trampoline and a covered lounge area. The inside of the house also looks beautiful. The house looks very fresh because of the light walls, furniture and the many windows.

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From one house in the Vogelwijk to the other. This villa with eight rooms, two bathrooms and a large garden is for sale. The inside is a bit bare, but with a lick of paint and your own taste of furniture you can make this the house of your dreams. Another nice detail: the house has stained glass windows, which gives it an authentic vibe.

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From this luxury penthouse you have a view over the Zuiderstrand. The apartment complex was built in 2016 and has a neat entrance hall. The house has three rooms, two bathrooms and a spacious roof terrace on the southwest. There is a beautiful, dark herringbone floor throughout the house and one of the bathrooms is in Oriental style.

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This detached villa is located on the edge of Delft and The Hague. The house has a mega garden that goes all the way around the house. Borders, willow trees, a lawn, several terraces and a detached wooden outbuilding: that’s what the garden has to offer. Villas often have large and cold rooms, but not this house. The house is characteristic and has cozy and cozy spaces. The location of the property is also perfect. You are so on highways and in the center of The Hague or Delft. Ideal!

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Meer en Boslaan

This villa in Kijkduin is not cheap, but you get a lot in return. The garden has a heated swimming pool, sun beds and a jacuzzi. The house has six rooms, two bathrooms and a sauna. When you live here, every day feels like a vacation. Delicious!

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