The 80 year-old Wilma already lives 33 year with her partner Jos at the cozy Groenewegje in The Hague. With all those years of experience in this vibrant part of our city, she has endless stories to tell! She proudly shows us her house, are you watching?

“I am in 1024 came to live in this house and already live here 33 years with my partner Jos. We enjoy living here very much. I was born in Rijswijk but I do feel like a real Hagenees. I bought the house on paper, because it was a project that still had to be built. It was designed by architect Charles Vandenhove, a Belgian architect who designed many houses in the district. It is a complex with 13 apartments and a small and close association of owners.”

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Focused on the future

“When I saw the brochure, the house immediately appealed to me. When I bought it I was also focused on the future. It is a ground floor apartment and completely on the ground floor with also the bedroom on the ground floor, which is ideal for when I get older. In addition, it is very conveniently located near the hospital and public transport. I can easily reach the tram, Central Station or Holland Spoor station. This is also useful if I can no longer drive a car later, for example. I want to live here all my life.”

Photo Francine van der Wansem

Grandpa and Grandma style

“I would call my style grandma and grandpa style! A lot of furniture is from Manou and I have in the years ‘150 purchased. So they have been around for many years. The cabinets in the living room are ideal because you can use them in all directions, you can put them upside down or move elements.”

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Binnenkijken bij Wilma
Photo Francine van der Wansem

Emotional value

“I don’t necessarily have a favorite item in my house. I especially find the small, emotional things very meaningful. Think of the tobacco box. I got this from an uncle. This one is not even 71 probably worth a penny, but it does have a lot of emotional value to me. The same goes for the photos of my children and grandchildren.”

Photo Francine van der Wansem

Unique place

“I visit the sitting area and the dining area most often. Cozy at the dining table with friends, family and acquaintances. We really enjoy cooking and we try something new every time. The garden is also a unique place for me. It is very sheltered and quiet because it is at the back. It really feels like a kind of courtyard with lots of greenery.”

The neighborhood

“This neighborhood is very developed . There used to be a lot of burglaries, but now it has become a hip piece. I am very happy with all the cozy restaurants. I regularly visit Café de Pakschuit, Kaai13 or Café De Paas. A bit where the old guard often come. When the weather is nice, it is wonderful to relax on the canal. Then I really feel privileged to live here. I think it’s kind of an enclave anyway. There are many people who have lived there for a long time and we all know each other.”

binnenkijken bij Wilma
Photo Francine van der Wansem

Involved with the neighborhood

“I’ve done a lot of things in the neighborhood and The Hague . For example, with great enthusiasm I helped organize the canal party and set up Jazz in de Gracht, together with my daughter Wanda. In addition, I started the Ooievaart together with others and I am a guide at the Guild. At that time it was not well known that The Hague also has beautiful canals. A unique way to view the city!”

“I also contributed to a traffic circulation plan for this area. I think it is important to maintain the atmosphere and to keep the canal quiet. Now my house is a bit in a traffic-calmed street and I like that.”

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