Unfortunately, not everyone in The Hague can take care of an animal. That’s why there are quite a few dogs and cats in the shelter. Every week we introduce a dog or cat to you in the hope that the animal will find a new home. This week: hangover Moos.

Hello, me am Moss. I’m three. In August last year I moved into the shelter, of course not voluntarily but ‘shit happens’. I got a place in a nice big room with all of my fellow sufferers, excuse me, fellow sufferers.

All alone

We took it in turns to get out of our booth to stretch our legs. Or to get some fresh air in the outdoor kennel. Well, then I went wild, I was even between the ceiling. And that while I was much fatter then than now. But somehow it went wrong, because I couldn’t resist peeing against the walls of the cubicle. Day in day out. Well, then you go through the mill. Urine test and diet kibble. Control on control. Since it didn’t stop and there was no medical cause, I was moved to another room, all by myself, so I couldn’t be bothered by other cats either. The “wild” pee got better, but I felt so damn alone.

Two toilets

People kept passing by with four-legged yapping colleagues, but they also kept walking. And I meow: ‘I want attention, I want to play!’ Soon another room became available, with a great outside and I like it more here. I have two toilets, one closed and one large open, both with grit, which I like best. Oh yes, there is also one outside, I am really well looked after by my lovely staff. And I haven’t done ‘wild pee’ for a long time.

Have fun

I’m a really nice guy, they call that a happy egg here. My black and white fur has a beautiful shine and I have a handsome muzzle. What makes me so happy is fun and people who want to play with me. With fishing rods and mice, it can’t be crazy enough for me. At least I have energy for ten. Are you also looking for sparkle in your life, do you really have the time to play with me for a long time and don’t leave me alone, then I might become your nicest home. Please come and meet us soon, send an email to and don’t forget your phone number!

Stichting Haags Dierencentrum

Lozerlaan 413, 2544 MC The Hague

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