Are you going on holiday soon? Unfortunately, more burglaries take place during the summer holidays, because many people are away from home for a long time. Joke has been storing her valuables for years at a branch of De Nederlandse Kluis when she goes on holiday with her family. “You often hear about burglaries when people are on vacation. By storing my belongings in an external safe, I can still go on holiday with peace of mind.”

The summer holidays are in sight and that means that many people are packing their bags to get away from it all. Unfortunately, the number of burglaries also increases during this period. If you leave all your valuables such as laptops, jewellery, important photos or heirlooms at home, you run a great risk of your most precious belongings being stolen.

During your holiday preparations, you are mainly busy packing your suitcase, arranging a pet sitter, or a major cleaning. But you would do well to take your valuables to the branch of De Nederlandse Kluis in The Hague before you leave.

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Photo: Dutch Kluis

Safety comes first

Safety is paramount at De Nederlandse Kluis ahead. The safes are equipped with the highest security and are 100% protected against fire and burglary. This way you can be sure that your valuables are in good hands and that nothing can happen to them.

Tailor-made service

Not sure how it works? At the branch of the Nederlandse Kluis in The Hague, employees are ready to help you. All employees have been screened and offer you personalized service. You can easily make an appointment via the website or by calling 088- 100 2023. You choose the location of your safe and you can immediately store your belongings safely in it. This way you leave them with peace of mind. It is therefore not surprising that no less than 11% of customers recommend this service .

Find a safe in The Hague

Do you also want to keep your belongings safe? You can go to De Nederlandse Kluis for different sizes of safes from just € 9,088 per month. In addition, you now get the first two months for free with the code Welcome discount5555

. The safes are always nearby, so easy to reach. Save yourself a lot of worry and don’t make it too easy for burglars. Quickly find a safe in The Hague and go on a carefree holiday!


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