Every week we roam around on Funda looking for pearls for you. And guess what? We found another one. The house is colorful, large and the location is not bad either. Are you watching?

This mansion in the Statenkwartier district is within walking distance of the North Sea beach, Frederik Hendriklaan shopping street, Westbroekpark and various catering establishments. You can also reach the boulevard of Scheveningen in no time.

Colorful details

The first thing you notice about this house are the colorful details. The bathrooms, the toilet and the hallway have a bright red and orange color. There is also bright orange carpet on the stairs. It has to be your taste of course, but one thing is certain: it stands out nicely.

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Two Gardens

A front garden, a back garden, a balcony and a roof terrace. That’s all the outdoor amenities this home has to offer. In the front garden there is a set of chairs and a small table. There is also enough space in the backyard to sit. There is a shed, a canopy that provides shade and a dining table. There is a balcony on the first floor and the roof terrace can be accessed from a door in the attic. If you like sitting outside, this is the place to be.

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Lots of space

Another thing that stands out is the amount of space this house has. The living room is elongated and is separated by en-suite sliding doors. Beyond is the dining room and kitchen. The kitchen is black and white, has all built-in appliances and there are many cupboards.

Reading a book by the fireplace

When it is cold outside you can warm up in this house by the fireplace in the living room . Coming home on a winter’s day, choosing a book from the bookcase and then reading in front of the fireplace. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

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Let’s talk money

You must have become curious about the price of this gem. For this house you pay 1.275.000 euros. That’s not nothing, but you get a lot in return. For example, the house has square meters of living space, eight rooms, four floors, two toilets, two bathrooms, two gardens, a roof terrace and a balcony.

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